They ignored the boycott order and stayed in Beijing for 10 days

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Earlier, Australia had refused to send officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics.But according to Australian media, three officials not only ignored the country’s request to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, but also watched the Opening ceremony, speed skating, figure skating and the big jump…Three Australian officials have rejected the country’s boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics to attend the games, the Australian reported Thursday.Two are members of The Brisbane City Council and one is a key Queensland state official.The trio spent 10 days in Beijing and attended the opening ceremony at the Bird’s Nest.The Australian has learned that several politicians were planning to travel to Beijing, but their trips were cancelled after the Australian government joined the US, Canada and The UK in refusing to send officials to the Games in December.In December, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference in response to a question that China had not invited the relevant countries in the first place, and their officials will see the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics whether they come or not.The Olympics are about athletes and sports lovers, not politicians.However, Kerry Peterson, deputy head of the 2032 Task Force from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Brisbane City Council CHIEF executive Colin Jensen and Chief planning officer Diane Curry, still participated in the IOC’s official observing program.In the program, the heads of future Olympic host cities went to the Beijing Olympic Sub-venues to learn about the problems they might face in hosting the Games.All three Australian officials declined to be interviewed about their experiences in Beijing, the report said.The Brisbane City Council also said it had spent A $33,000 to bring Jansen and Currie on the project, adding: “As the host city, Brisbane is committed to ensuring the 2032 Summer Games go ahead.”The observers had a busy schedule, including the opening ceremony, speed skating, figure skating and platform jumping events in Beijing, as well as learning about airport pickup, personnel training and operations, transportation, accommodation, security, data, doping control, Olympic brand image and spectator experience.