Yan Jie, president of Heze Dancers Association, visited the old artists before the Spring Festival

2022-08-25 0 By

Shandong, China – The perception of Shandong January 31 news (reporter Rao Shengwang) at the arrival of the Spring Festival!Chairman Yan Jie of Heze Dancers Association leads VICE chairmen Xu Jinyu, Xu Bing, DENG Xiaoping, Hao Meiyan, Zhang Na, SECRETARY General Duan Hui, etc., to visit older artists such as Liu Yudong and Wu Shuangmei to extend holiday greetings and New Year’s greetings.The presidium had a cordial conversation with the old artists, recalling the past, telling the truth, listening to their advice and seeking development.Thanks for their support to heze Dance Association for many years.Meanwhile, I sincerely wish the old artist good health, a happy life and a prosperous Year of the Tiger.