Application of ammonia nitrogen on-line detector

2022-08-26 0 By

In modern production and life, it is easy to produce waste water, water pollution, ammonia nitrogen content will increase, the ammonia nitrogen online detector produced by Madeshi Technology can accurately measure the content of free ammonia (NH3) and ammonium ion (NH4) in the polluted water, for production and domestic sewage treatment to provide convenience.1. It is an intelligent industrial process online monitoring instrument;2. Large LCD display;3. Display the working status and measurement results by guiding the operation in Chinese menu;Automatic and timed quantitative analysis of a group of process solution 5. Output digital signal to monitor the industrial process 6. Automatic and continuous analysis of total phosphorus in industrial production wastewater 2.Phenol-hypochlorite reagent colorimetric method 2, electrode method suitable for online testing and analysis three, ammonia nitrogen water quality online detector application advantages 1, can be installed on the location of specific pollution sources 2, 24 hours of continuous online analysis of pollution sources