State CPPCC ninth session of the second plenary meeting held huang Xingwen was invited to attend

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Qianxinan Daily news (reporter CAI Dingping) February 11 morning, the state CPPCC ninth session of the second plenary session.State Party Committee deputy secretary, governor Huang Xingwen was invited to attend, state CPPCC Chairman Chen Guofang, state CPPCC Party secretary Xu Fenglun, state CPPCC vice Chairman Liao Xing, Huang Bangquan, Mo Wu ‘an, Chen Qing, Huo Shenghong, Wang Yaozhong, Nong Wenhai, state CPPCC secretary General Li Ruqing attended.The executive chairman of the conference was Xu Fenglun, Li Jianxun and Mo Wu ‘an.Li Jianxun chaired the meeting.State leaders Chen Jian, Qian Zhenghao, state secretary Tao Xingming were invited to attend.The meeting should have 323 members, 312 members actually, in line with the required number.At the meeting, 12 members from Qinglong County, Wangmo County, Xingren City, Agriculture and Rural Committee of the Prefectural CPPCC, Education, Science, Health, Sports and Culture And History Study Committee of the Prefectural CPPCC, Ethnic and Religious Fellowship Committee of the Prefectural CPPCC, Prefectural Committee of the Democratic League, Prefectural Working Committee of the Democratic Revolution, prefectural branch of the Democratic Construction, Prefectural Federation of Industry and Commerce, prefectural Disabled Persons’ Federation, And Xingyi Baichun Kindergarten,Close to my state poverty alleviation relocation follow-up housing security, standard boarding primary and secondary school education, early childhood education, special education, cultural relics protection, fine fruit industry healthy development, food security, high quality development of private economy, to create qianxinan cultural tourism name card, regional coordinated development and other aspects of the theme.The issue to choose correct consultation meeting that the committee, investigation and research have depth, Suggestions on high quality, precision well-prepared, advice, having substance in speech, grounding MinYou intelligence, solution, gas, remit fit committee of the state to promote a new round of reform, development and direction, fully demonstrates the members have the courage to bear, direct advice, practical spirit,This fully demonstrates the unique advantages of the CPPCC in terms of its talent pool, intensive intelligence, and extensive connections.Conference pointed out that the members of the keynote address problem oriented, height, breadth, thinking about questions under the foot of kung fu, dynamic enough brains, puts forward the countermeasures and Suggestions of the feasibility and forward-looking, give full play to the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) ACTS as a “pool” “think tank”, is advantageous to the committee of the state ideas, scientific decision-making,It will help further gather people’s support and strength, and work together to make our state’s affairs more solid and better.The meeting stressed that the Chinese people’s political consultative conference committee according to all the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC), to negotiate, the good town, SAR research topic, focus time and energy, deepened, continue to carry out the investigation and study, as the committee of the state of building forthright admonition, unreal more and more good, to reveal more Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) work as and bear the responsibility of the CPPCC, and carefully done good “member of operations”,To promote the high-quality development of various undertakings in our state and contribute wisdom to the high-quality life of people of all ethnic groups, and to welcome the successful opening of the 20th Party Congress and the 13th Provincial Party Congress with practical actions and outstanding achievements.All committee members, non-voting personnel, state department heads attend the meeting.