“20220207 noon review” two short-term worries to pay attention to

2022-08-27 0 By

On Monday, Shanghai and Shenzhen both sharply higher open, oil and coal, infrastructure steel, financial three elephant shares dance, the main board to maintain a strong pattern, but the seesaw effect, double and innovation board rushed down, sharply narrowed the gains, as of the midday close, the two cities up 60, down 21;The number of stocks in red disk is obviously in the majority.Early comments said: “during the long holiday, and A shares of Hong Kong stocks rose more than 4%, so A shares high open few suspense, technology guai away from, departure, to the volume of the bottom signal resonance, technical anti – extraction at the touch of the trigger”, the morning market high high dozen, performance in line with expectations.Volume can be seen, the Shanghai index half a day transaction 236.8 billion yuan, compared with the previous trading day half a day transaction 209.3 billion yuan amplification of more than 10%, although the volume price rises, but the increase is clearly overdraft the current amount of energy level, that is to say, the probability of step back is larger, so maintain last night’s live broadcast said more than 2% should not be reduced.Although the index is all red, it is not difficult to get off to a good start in the Year of the Tiger, but we have to pay attention to two concerns: first, the mass entrepreneurship and Innovation Board fell by 2% from its peak, which significantly depressed market sentiment and made it difficult for incremental funds to effectively enter the market;Second, stop tide attack again, structural shorting strength is firm, beware of starting a prairie fire.So afternoon stocks rose in the hands of the board or minus.Of course, this is tactical reduction, and so on tomorrow fall again, the current position of the market, strategic view is unchanged.Personal position reference: 80%;Shanghai Index technical support: 3400 points, technical pressure: 3435 points;Gem technical support: 2910 points, technical pressure: 2950 points;Afternoon focus: green electricity;Subscription of new shares: 2.