History of the Three States 11 waves: hidden in Xuchang yellow turban forces, with black technology stand out

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Careful friends may have found that the Chronicles of The Three Kingdoms 11 Wave of Sand MOD compared to the original game is missing an important historical chapter, that is the Yellow Turban Chaos.The main reason is that there are too few forces in that time period, and the big guys are basically not yet established. It is nothing but that He Jin and Zhang Jiao played the final in advance, and the experience is obviously insufficient.Although the big wave sand MOD zhang Horn and his yellow Turban army for a clean cut, but always in the “big fight” the script for its arrangement of a foothold.Julu is Yuan Shao’s area of influence, Hebei has no place to shelter, then let Cao boss eat some losses, the temporary vacated Xu Chang.Zhang Jiao himself, if he saw his birthplace here, would certainly be happy to die, with the strength of their three brothers, enough to expand rapidly in the Central Plains.Zhang Liang (Tong 85, Wu 85, Zhi 68, Zheng 52, Mei 80) zhang Liang, the “man general”, was the third of the yellow Turban brothers and his status was roughly equivalent to that of Liu Bei’s Zhang Fei.Compared to the original Sankoko 11’s gentle enchantment, the effects of the Great Wave In the Sand MOD are powerful nerf and damage to targets, especially poisoning buffs that will continue to destroy pawns.In addition, the game also added fairy skills for Zhang Liang, can wipe out 30% of the target forces, the more meat hit the more pain on the body.Zhang Bao (Tong 91, Wu 71, Zhi 81, Zheng 64, Mei 82), the second master of the “land duke general” Zhang Bao, is the most comprehensive quality of the three brothers, there is no too serious partiality in ability.He fell in the original game on the basis of thunder, but also by the addition of war drums and magic skills, the basic to complete the short board.We all know that it takes 40 strength to strike a lightning strike. With the double regenerative effect of the drums, Zhang Bao can maintain the conservation of energy by standing within the range of influence of the bandstand.And the false report that illusion brings, disturb, provoke (compulsory single pick) state, can let us capture enemy backbone general easily more.Zhang Jiao (tong 91, Wu 25, zhi 97, zheng 80, charm 107) heaven has died, huang Tian when standing, old in jia Zi, the world is lucky!Zhang Jiao, the “Heavenly General”, was indeed quite talented in coming up with such a stirring slogan.Zhang Jiao can not only switch arbitrarily between lightning strike and fairy art, but also through the special effect of ascend fairy to enhance his leadership, intelligence and charm value, front fighting and rear recruit people both hands together, is not lost to Cao Cao, Liu Bei’s all-powerful leader.Surrounded by liao Hua, Zhou Cang, Guan Hai, Liu Bi, He Yi and Pei Yuanshao, the yellow Turban army’s starting point was still very high, and the following two powerful foreign aid should not be missed.Zhao Yan (Tong 46, Wu 13, Zhi 79, Zheng 87, Mei 75) CAI Yang (Tong 83, Wu 91, Zhi 54, Zheng 32, Mei 43) Although Xun Yu, Guo Jia, Xu Huang, Xu Chu and other outstanding local people in Xuchang already have their masters, we can still find talents like Zhao Yan through a close search.Zhao Yan, Along with Chen Qun, Xinpi and Du Chuan, was also known as the “four celebrities in Yingchuan”. He was also a master in the field of internal affairs, so the game configured a collection stunt for him.The yellow turnips from the public, with Zhao Yan’s internal and external management, to stabilize the economic lifeline.Runan city lonely old man kong 伷 under the CAI Yang, a careful look at the martial arts is not weak.CAI Yang mastered the skills of halberd general, halberd blade and angry hair in the game, and his comprehensive combat power should be as good as Hua Xiong’s, so he could beat Guan Yu’s three-way drum all tied, and finally the other party was cut off by the second master playing tricks.Zhang Jiao south casually throw a few thunder can hole 伷 frighten meng, CAI Yang coax more than two prison meal will submit.The Yellow Turbans, with their absolute superiority in numbers, would have no problem pushing Zhang Xiu at the beginning and then advancing northward to defeat Sima Yi through the xuanyuan pass added in the south of Luoyang.When Jia Xu and Jia Chong these two gods are in place, to achieve the realm of “waving thunder such as earth”, even if the position of the overlord locked in advance.That’s it for the yellow Turban MOD, thank you for your long-term attention and support.