Caidian District Nanhu Middle School demolition project, a total of 80 mu of land expropriation, involving Tianjiapu village and Shuguang village

2022-08-28 0 By

Caidian district’s latest demolition information: On the morning of March 29, with the roar of excavators, tiankai Phase II demolition project officially broke ground, while nanhu Middle school demolition project is also in full swing.Daji street Party Working Committee secretary Zhang Fei led the team, the relevant responsible leaders together to the scene command.It is reported that the tiankai project started in March 2009, a total of 58 acres of land acquisition, 1 phase of land acquisition 28 acres, 1 phase of construction has been completed, 2 phase of a total of 30 acres, officially began construction yesterday.South Lake middle school a total of 80 acres of land, involving Tianjiapu village and shuguang village.Among them, Tianjiapu village covers an area of 18.2 mu, shuguang village covers an area of 78.18 mu.At present, the houses involved have basically completed demolition and 130 graves have been moved.Next, daji street will have the courage to bear as, and actively promote the key project construction of the whole street.Urge Tiankai company to complete the contract of the second phase project as soon as possible.With the development of these projects, the urbanization of Caidian District will be further promoted.In the next few days, a new Caidian district will come to us.