Fuzhou latest notice!7 subjects such as Oral English are examined in this way

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In 2022, Fuzhou will continue to test seven subjects in middle school, including spoken English, according to a notice from the city’s education bureau on March 23. The test results will serve as an important basis for middle school graduation and high school enrollment.The detailed content is as follows — 1, examination subjects oral English (man-machine dialogue examination), experimental operation (physics, chemistry, biology), information technology, art, music and other 7 subjects.1.The oral English man-machine dialogue test will be held from May 21 to 22, organized by the Municipal Education Bureau.2.Other subjects examination time for March 21 – May 16, by each county (city) district education bureau, teachers and junior high school to arrange their own organization.Three, check method 1.Various counties (city) area bureau of education, teacher training schools and junior middle school to set up the junior high school graduates subject examination evaluation work leading group, leading group shall be in charge of the leadership and discipline research staff, teaching and research group leader and five or more people is responsible for evaluation of the implementation plan, guide and monitor the evaluation work of the school, accept complaints and reports, to correct the problems existing in the evaluation process.2.Each school establishes subject assessment group, organizes subject proposition and result assessment and so on.According to the examination plans and examples of each subject, the examination shall be made by oneself, and the examination shall be conducted at the unified time determined by the whole city.3.The Fuzhou Education Research Institute, the education bureaus of each county (city) district and teacher training schools shall organize relevant personnel to carry out inspection, supervision and patrol, and promote the implementation of the inspection work of each school.4.Each secondary school should submit its specific schedule of test times by March 25.The municipal middle school shall send it to the mailbox jyC87600360@163.com of The Teaching Research Center of Fuzhou Education Research Institute, and the county (city) district school shall report it to the corresponding county (city) district teacher’s further education school, so that relevant departments can organize spot check.Iv. Grade Assessment 1.The grades are qualified and unqualified.2.Establish a publicity system.The evaluation results should be announced in class or school, and students and their parents should be notified, and teachers, students and parents should be listened to and supervised.3.From May 30th to June 2nd, each school uploaded the examination grades of 6 subjects, such as science, chemistry and biological experiment operation, information technology, music and art, to fuzhou High School management system.5. Filing requirements 1.Standard high school admission file requirements: examination subjects 7 all qualified.2.General and common high school admit file requirement: examine course 4 above (contain 4 division) qualified.Source: Channel Education News