Genuine help to promote the healthy development of the real estate industry

2022-08-28 0 By

Qingxiu District recently held a symposium on serving real estate enterprises in 2022, focusing on building a new overall spatial pattern of “One Belt, two circles and two cities”, and proposed targeted assistance to real estate enterprises to promote the healthy development of the real estate industry.Qingxiu District will make every effort to improve the level of “One Belt”, strengthen the advantages of the National Avenue economic belt, improve the quality of the development of ASEAN Business District and Jinhu CBD, and further gather modern services such as finance, software and information services, trade and exhibition, supply chain management and bulk commodity trading.Extend minzu Road to Nanning East Toll Station to lay out digital economy, new retail, bulk commodity trading, 5G, software information and other industries;Along yongjiang “One River two wings” layout culture and tourism and health industry, to create yongjiang culture tourism industry belt.Fully tap the potential of “two circles”, build nanning East Railway Station new business circle integrating business exhibition, global trade and other services, and speed up the cultivation of fengling South new business circle gathering fashion consumption, amusement experience and other new business forms.To make the “two cities” engine better and stronger, in the Five Cooperation Areas, focusing on information technology, life and health, to build a science city with the whole process of innovation ecological chain with China-Asean Digital Economy Industrial Park as the core;In Lingli Area, it focuses on intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles and other fields to build a smart industry new city with integrated industry and city, complete functions and work-housing balance.In order to promote the healthy development of the real estate industry, Qingxiu District will strengthen the supervision of the land market, revitalize the existing land, regulate the hoarding of land by some real estate development enterprises through legal, tax, administrative and other means, and urge enterprises to start work as soon as possible.At the same time, continue to intensify the “warm” enterprises, build system of main leadership led a month visiting enterprises, take the initiative to “send door to door” service, for the enterprise to enterprise reflect problems, strengthen policy propaganda, to help enterprises solve the financing loans, coordination of land use, examination and approval, registration, water, electricity and other issues, to create good conditions for enterprise development.