Yu Minhong: My self-righteous efforts have become an obstacle to the development of New Oriental

2022-08-28 0 By

Whip Ox person on April 8 news, yesterday, New Oriental founder Yu Minhong in his personal public account “Lao Yu Gossip” published “Lao Yu gossip! Spring expectations!”.In the article, Yu wrote: “I have always felt that New Oriental is not the purpose of my coming to this world, or at least not the most important purpose.I’ve been doing new Oriental for 30 years.Perhaps it is time for me to stand a little further and reexamine New Oriental and myself.I don t have any clear ideas yet, but I know I have started to rethink my career and life.”For three decades now, I have spent at least 40 hours a week on average on new Oriental’s business,” Yu said.I have always suspected that my self-conscious efforts to devote myself to New Oriental may have backfired and become an obstacle to the next level of new Oriental.If you care about fame and wealth and see the wood for the trees, life really outweighs the gain and loss. Those who miss the past will never come back.”